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UPT Sponsorship May 2016

Saguaro Technology is highly committed to boosting the quality of engineering and computer science education and in developing a well-prepared workforce for the software development Industry. One way we demonstrate this commitment is by dedicating resources, time, and funding toward projects that benefit IT students.

Our latest investment is to sponsor updates to the B019 laboratory in the “Electro” building at Politehnica University in Timisoara. Starting in May of this year, students of the university’s Automation and Computer Science Faculty will enjoy new features of the lab to enhance their educational experience.

Saguaro sponsorship enabled the lab to be equipped with 17 modern computers, one printer, one projector and a laptop. In addition, the lab added sensors and other electronic components used in the construction of robots for various fields.

In addition to its use by students, the new equipment will also be used for research by University Assistants.

We are glad to contribute to this worthy project, and we look forward to making continued improvements in the field—investing as much as we can in collaboration with the Automation and Computer Science Faculty from Politehnica University.

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