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UPT Senior Scholarship Program 2016

Saguaro Technology is passionate about developing a well-prepared workforce for the software development industry. With that vision in mind, we are offering 10 scholarships for the Politehnica University of Timisoara’s Senior Projects program, and are complementing that program with the direct participation and mentorship of our engineers. Our goal is to provide students with a richer learning environment by sharing our real-world knowledge and expertise. They will witness in real time, the development process of the new technologies our company has committed to.

The selected participants will learn useful skills that will help them design, implement, and document their bachelor thesis in one of the three project areas of interest, while our team members guide and mentor them throughout their learning journey.
What we offer:

Who may apply:

UPT Senior Scholarship Program addresses students in their senior year of study at the UPT’s Automatics and Computers Faculty, who will submit their bachelor degree thesis in 2017.

Project areas & modules

General application requirements:

Application & Deadline

Please send your CV and a short message, stating which project area/module you would be most interested in, to
The deadline for submitting the applications is October 31st, 2016.
Short-listed candidates will be interviewed during the month of November.

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