Legacy technology and Legacy Upgrades

We know that finding expertise in certain legacy technologies is growing more difficult, and that legacy technologies continue to play an important role in many products.  Whether you are looking to make an update to the product within that technology or are interested in updating your legacy product into a new technology, we are proud to offer experts in 20+ year-old flavors of programming languages, IDEs, compiler technologies, and many others that can be used to either bring your product back to life or as a basis for a whole scale technology upgrade.

We have a proven track record in surmounting challenges created by missing or minimal documentation, identifying compilers and reestablishing missing know-how.  We can also update your legacy product through a change in production workflow that requires adjustments of the Software Application or by adjusting to upgrade obsolete hardware parts.  In our hands, updates and new feature add-ins can transform “legacy” into a novel, viable and sellable product.

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