Internet of Things

Let us bring your “Thing” to life!  Whether it’s for industrial or consumer applications, we have the expertise to develop a scalable IoT solution.  We are able to leverage our experience with the latest embedded, web, and cloud technologies within IoT and other sectors to develop high quality software solutions.  Our support ranges from initial ideation, IoT platform recommendations, device and sensor integration and networking, application development, and data collection, management and analytics.



Management and analytics



Sensor | Mobile Device | RFID

Using our expertise with sensors, RFID, actuators and mobile devices, we can help you design and develop your “Thing”.  We integrate lower human control requirements into the initial design, which allows improved efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness.


Bluetooth | TCP/IP | NFC | RS 232

Depending on your project requirements, our engineers employ different communication protocols (e.g., Bluetooth, TCP/IP, RS232, and others) to connect multiple devices, smart sensors and modules.


Storage | Analytics | Security | Control

We also provide support in selecting optimal technologies to securely store your data, restrict and control reader content, and manage access authorization. We design our analytics solutions and algorithms with the latest methods in computer science and statistics to reduce the extensive computation that analytics can often require.


UI | Configuration | Notification | Control | Workflow

Our applications are designed to be highly configurable and with a clear workflow, incorporating user interfaces that are intuitive, efficient, and have optimal functionality for a superior user experience.

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