Embedded Systems

From controlling motors to reading RFID tags, we have the expertise to cover their entire range of applicability across industries, for most types of microcontrollers and architecture.






Digital | Analog

Interface with the real world is provided by assisting embedded systems with sensors, analog or digital and control modes for actuators.


Bluetooth | TCP/IP | NFC | RS 232

Depending on your project requirements, our engineers employ different communication protocols (e.g., Bluetooth, TCP/IP, RS232, and others) to connect multiple devices, smart sensors and modules.


Step Motors | Servo Motors | DC Motors

Our embedded systems support a variety of motors (e.g., stepper motors, brush and brushless servo motors, DC motors, among others), including the necessary control algorithms to match any move specification.


Control | HMI

We also employ a variety of user interfaces to maximize the performance and usability of your product, ranging from HMI (Human Machine Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) or even physical buttons, depending on your application and product needs.

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