Our Technical Expertise

The Engineering talent you need for your challenging, business-critical projects.

We know that finding the right talent is a huge challenge. Our goal is to carefully assemble and dedicate the best team for your product, by supplying you with engineers that thrive on tackling large, challenging, business critical projects.

With nearly 20 years of experience, we understand that not all code is created equal, and we design structure and quality into the code to make it easier to maintain, troubleshoot, and automate testing. We work peer-to-peer or completely independently to contribute and add value – from the initial analysis and research on methodology and technologies, to choosing the appropriate technologies and implementation, through development, maintenance, quality assurance, to technical support.

With frequent multi-year engagements, clients ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups have entrusted their toughest technical challenges to Saguaro’s talented, highly educated software engineering teams.

Challenging, business-critical projects.


Our cloud computing portfolio includes IaaS platforms, cloud services (PaaS/SaaS), and cloud-based applications.  In addition to developing your application, we can also determine the required cloud stack, provide hosting, and set up cloud development / QA support infrastructure.

Predictive / Data Analytics

Our data analytics solutions empower organizations to generate meaningful, actionable data-driven insights.  We have expertise in selecting optimal data collection processes, data transformation and storage, and data visualization and instant insight sharing.


We can bring your “Thing” to life!  Whether it’s for industrial or consumer applications, we will leverage our experience with the latest embedded, web, and cloud technologies within IoT and other sectors to develop high quality and scalable IoT solutions.

Embedded Systems

From controlling motors to reading RFID tags, we have the expertise to cover the entire range of applicability across industries, for most types of microcontroller and architecture.

Industrial Automation

Our expertise includes integration of various devices, solutions to control and follow the flow of operations, and downstream data collection and analytics for optimization and reporting.

Process Automation

Saguaro has the expertise to provide complete process automation solutions to streamline and make your processes more efficient and accurate.  We’ll leverage our expertise to understand optimal points of automation in your process and create the most appropriate tools to remove inefficiencies.

Workflow Solutions

Saguaro has core capabilities in designing, developing, customizing and integrating workflow solutions, particularly on high performance office tasks.  We incorporate our expertise in process automation and data analytics to address any of your workflow challenges.


We believe that a product design is more than just looks – it’s the entire experience the user has.  We take time to understand the product and the user and incorporate key insights from prototyping to visual design to A/B testing to create a superior user journey with your product or application.

Legacy Technology and Legacy Upgrades

While legacy technologies continue to play an important role in many products, we know that finding the expertise is growing more difficult.  Whether you want to update or entirely upgrade your legacy technology, we have many in-house experts eager to bring your legacy product back to life.


We bring a broad range of other expertise and experience to your projects.

Get in touch to see how we can apply it to your project.

Saguaro has held ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27002 certifications since 2002. We are also proficient in a number of industry standards, including Cloud computing standards, SEMI standards, Life Sciences standards (HIPAA and data control standards).

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