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Swimming Marathon

The Swimming Marathon ’24 AquaMasters’, 5th edition, took place in Timisoara on March 19 and 20. Saguaro was represented by a mixed team of 10, who successfully finished the grueling event.

It was a great team effort. Everyone took a role, and each member’s role was equally important. The team had to cope with both physical and psychic pressure, as many factors were involved: intense effort, lack of sleep, competition, etc. We congratulate the team and hope for more participants in this contest next year.

We would like to share some impressions of the Swimming Marathon from this year’s Saguaro participants:

“A Swimming Marathon might sound frightening. The usual answer to a simple question—“Would you take part in such a competition?”—might be to run away. However, we have proven that a swimming marathon is a mission possible.”

”There was this feeling that we were part of the team and that what we did mattered for all of us. That is some very powerful motivation. You respect the others and you feel that you want to do all you can in order to help the team. So, in spite of all the hardships we continued our swimming; and with each round we moved on, we encouraged each other and managed to finish with smiles on our faces. What a great accomplishment! “

“I am impressed by everyone’s devotion and the joy we’ve brought! I am proud to be a member of such a great TEAM!”

“In the end, we all have stories about those funny moments, about those tasty juices, about the friends who came to encourage us and about the times when we tried to sleep at least for an hour. It is a great experience and even though I said in 2015 that I would not do it again, here I am, competing in 2016. And I intend to do it again next year. Why? Because of those hours when you feel so connected with the others! And because I love swimming… and so do a lot of you.”

But wait, there’s more: I heard rumors that next year we will have two teams: girls vs boys. Will you join us? Be there!

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