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Supporting/Promoting challenging initiatives

Saguaro sponsored 10 of its most enthusiastic employees to take part in a swimming marathon, a 24-hour swimming competition designed to challenge the contestants’ endurance and physical abilities. This initiative promotes an active lifestyle, teamwork, and fair play among participants and is a good reflection of the qualities of our Saguaro people.

The “24 AquaMasters” – 4th Edition, was organized by the Masters Timisoara Swimming Club at Dacia Swimming Pool. The event began on Saturday, March 21, at 13:00 pm, and finished 24 hours later on Sunday, March 22.

A total of 75 contestants participated, divided into 8 teams. One member of each team swam 25-meter laps for half an hour, followed by another member for half an hour, and so on, with each swimmer doing half an hour of laps every 4 hours. The Saguaro team consisted of eight primary swimmers and two reserves, each contributing their best effort to the team’s high score.

Saguaro Swimmers’ Team had their colleagues’ support during the entire competition. Some of the supporters even gave up sleep to be there and encourage the swimming team in their brave (and, for many of the team members, one-of-a-kind ) competition. At the end of the event, some of our team members decided it was such a great experience that they plan to do it again next year.

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