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Saguaro Technology – Rapidly expanding presence in the life sciences industry

In four years of developing software for the U.S. life sciences industry, Saguaro Technology has accumulated over 55,000 hours in coding and engineering bespoke solutions for the market’s biggest players.

One of Saguaro Technology’s recent software development projects is related to a system that combines mass spectrometry and sensitive and robust chemistry with advanced data analytics software to meet the high performance, design and validation criteria of state-of-the art diagnostic testing labs. This builds into a unique system for genetic testing and diagnosis for several types of cancer.

It all started back in April 2014 with a small team that was entrusted with a project for sample management processes in automated storage systems.

“We met with the client and went over the specifications.  It felt like going further than we ever went before.  The excitement that we would have our initial project in life sciences gave us a few sleepless nights at first. I remember that for the first weeks, until we felt that we were making meaningful progress, the team would regularly forget to break for lunch”, smilingly recalls Andrei Riscuta, Technical Manager at Saguaro Technology.

Following the success of this first project, our client, a leading worldwide provider of innovative and comprehensive sample management solutions for the life sciences industry, decided to entrust us with increasingly complex and sensitive work. The company wanted to improve its products by adding a cloud-based remote monitoring feature that could assess a variety of metrics and create alerts for abnormal readings. As a result of our superior engineering, our client was able to launch a state-of-the-art biobanking product that can give academic and pharmaceutical stakeholders peace of mind that their samples are taken care of.  The information generated by the application has resulted in rapid reaction time from field engineers in response to errors, who can often fix the site problems even before users know they exist.  Moreover, with predictive analytics built in, the application allows our client to leverage collected data to foresee and optimize against future errors before they occur.

“That was the point when word got out that a group of highly skilled engineers working at Saguaro Technology, in Timisoara, Romania have built some serious experience in the life sciences field and can tackle some of the most complex coding challenges the industry can offer”, says Dorin Anculia, Technical Manager currently managing Saguaro Technology’s three new life science clients /projects. “Based on their prior experience with us, clients not only entrust us with their most challenging software engineering projects but have also referred us to other industry leaders.  We’re pleased to see our clientele base expand so rapidly in just the last couple of years”, says Dorin.

Since the beginning of 2018, Saguaro engineers have been involved in a project for a diagnostics and research tool for tuberculosis and similar diseases.  Our engineers are working on a solution that combines automation, reproducibility and sensitivity – all critical for clinical laboratories which need highly reliable equipment.  Solutions that are both flexible and economic are essential for research and for developing further applications in microbiological and biochemical investigations.

The rapid expansion of Saguaro’s life sciences expertise is not surprising.  “Based on our unique ownership model and the solid experience we have accumulated in the life science industry over several years, we are proud that our clients are not only satisfied with the products we engineer but also consider Saguaro engineers to be a part of their overall team.   Our engineers really think of our clients’ products as our own and we work towards that end, the product’s market success,” concludes Doina Mazilu, Founder and President of Saguaro Technology Inc.

About Saguaro Technology
Saguaro Technology provides software engineering services to a variety of partner organizations across the globe.  Saguaro is based in Los Angeles, California, with development campuses in Timisoara, Romania. We work side-by-side with our clients to extend your team and support your software engineering needs to create and launch products faster and more cost- effectively. We offer the Engineering Talent you Need within the Business Model you Want. Saguaro’s engineering services has two ISO-certified subsidiaries: Saguaro Print and SaguaroNet.

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