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Saguaro Technology Inc. celebrates ten years of commitment to supporting academic excellence across continents in the United States and Romania.

The company established the Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship in 2008 at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, supporting cutting-edge research by an undergraduate student majoring in engineering sciences each year.   The fellowship is designed to expose students to the grant-writing process, experimental design, and follow through over the course of a year to inspire students to pursue engineering research in the future.  Students have gone on to pursue compelling careers in engineering innovation, entrepreneurship and medical school, among others.

In Timisoara, Romania, the location of the company’s two software research and development campuses, Saguaro has established a long-term partnership with the Automation and Computer Faculty at the Polytechnic University. As a result of this partnership, Saguaro has supported numerous projects focused on academic excellence and the development of highly qualified engineers of the future. In 2016, the company equipped a teaching and research laboratory with 17 work stations, peripheral equipment, sensors and other components used for the construction of robots for various fields.  Saguaro also opened its doors for numerous students offering financial support, its state-of-the-art software development facilities, and technical mentorship for their completion of valuable bachelor’s degree projects.

The company has been an active sponsor of scientific & research symposiums and technical events, including the International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing at the University of the West and the International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics hosted by the Polytechnic University in Timisoara.

“We think of our support of academic excellence as an integral part of our mission – to unlock the students’ potential and to guide their talent towards outstanding engineering achievement. We are proud of our recipients’ exceptional academic and professional record, and find it fulfilling to know that over these 10 years our contributions have augmented the lives and careers of so many smart, dedicated students”, says Doina Mazilu, Founder and President of Saguaro Technology Inc.


About Saguaro Technology
Saguaro Technology provides software engineering services to a variety of partner organizations across the globe.  The company is based in the United States with engineering offices in Romania. Saguaro offers fast-growing multinational enterprises the technology skills and geographic reach needed to bring strategic, complex products to market faster, with the highest quality and lower overall costs. Saguaro’s engineering services has two ISO-certified subsidiaries: Saguaro Print and SaguaroNet.


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