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Saguaro Technology Develops System for Suicide Prevention

Saguaro Technology designed and developed a new automated referral management system for Second Wind Fund of Boulder County (SWFBC). The organization’s mission is to decrease the incidence of suicide by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for at-risk youth.

From 2016 to 2019, the rate of teenage (ages 15-19) increased by 25% in the United States. During that same period, the rate of teenage suicide in the State of Colorado grew by 58%. SWFBC funds therapy for at-risk youth in the geographic area of Colorado that is served by the Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain Valley school districts. SWFBC supports youth who meet two key criteria – are identified as having a heightened level of suicidal ideation and do not have the financial resources to secure therapy.

In September 2018, the organization introduced a new automated referral management system to its community of Qualified Referral Sources (primarily school counselors and interventionists in the Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain Valley School Districts) and Therapists. The system developed by Saguaro Technology provides significant benefit to the SWFBC community by enabling school counselors and interventionists to immediately obtain referrals for at risk and in-need students. It also provides a secure interface for the network of therapists who support SWFBC. The system allows them to schedule, document and process claims for therapy sessions in a very efficient manner. It also enables the school counselors and interventionists to monitor the progress their students are making in therapy. In addition, the system provides SWFBC with real time visibility of data that is critical for tracking the services provided and for accessing critical information for the school districts and donor communities. But most importantly, this app has allowed SWFBC to handle almost 50% more cases than it could manage two years ago, without adding any resources. As a result, the organization’s limited human resources have more time to focus on other key elements of its mission.

SWFBC released the system to its user community in September of 2018. Additional enhancements were introduced in June of 2019. It has performed flawlessly and has been extremely well received by SWBC’s network of therapists, the school counselors and SWFBC team. It has allowed SWFBC to support over 225 at risk youth and deliver almost 1,200 therapy sessions over the last 15 months. Without this System, SWFBC would not have been able to handle rapidly increasing demand for its services. The system truly has enabled SWFBC to save young lives.
For our engineers, The Second Wind project was an opportunity to work in a cross-functional project with the ultimate goal of saving lives. The main challenge was to use the latest web technologies for creating a user-friendly environment that has improved the day to day work of people who invest their time in supporting others. For the company it was an opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause and to give back to the community.

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