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Saguaro Technology celebrates 20 years of engineering excellence

In summer 1999 in Timisoara a handful of enthusiastic computer science engineers set off to write code for printer drivers. Although their first working location was nothing else but an apartment, their dedication and the fascination of being able to work alongside professionals from the United States, forged a tremendous nucleus that would attract great talent for the ever-growing projects. Saguaro was at that time one of the first and quickly became one of the most reputed software development companies in Timisoara.
In 2006 and 2015 the company inaugurated its two development campuses and now, more than 300 engineers work on projects that cover industrial printing solutions, robotics, and life sciences in two state-of-the-art facilities of more than 7000 sqm.
Innovation is part of this story. In 20 years, the people working at Saguaro Technology were issued no less than 21 patents by the United States Patent Office, and the visionary solutions created by the Romanian engineers are incorporated in products that are being manufactured and distributed all over the world.
Over the years, the company has developed it’s unique Ownership Model, an innovative partnership type very much appreciated by its clients. The Saguaro teams integrate and collaborate with the stakeholder’s team and support the product across all stages of it’s lifecycle.
Saguaro Technology is a company that evolved organically from the fabric of the local community and that continues to contribute to its development and prosperity not only by nurturing generation after generation of skilled software development professionals but also by its charitable actions.
“20 years ago, we started with a few and now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. It is through these wonderful professionals’ effort and technical accomplishments, that Saguaro became a great place of engineering innovation and professional development. We celebrate the numerous successes we registered over the course of the first 20 years of activity by looking toward the future, and will continue to share the enthusiasm, fun and friendship that makes us Saguarians so unique,” says Doina Mazilu, Founder and President of Saguaro Technology.

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