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Saguaro Technology Launches iNNOVATION Center

Dedicated creative space in Saguaro’s Romanian facility designed to enhance employees’ technical and leadership skills and spur exploration of new technologies

Saguaro Technology, a high-value software engineering firm based in the United States with engineering offices in Romania, is launching the Saguaro iNNOVATION Center. Occupying 700 square feet (65 square meters) in Saguaro’s newest campus in Timișoara, Romania, the iNNOVATION Center provides a dedicated creative space and resources to foster innovation among the company’s staff members.

“Our business is providing top-quality engineering services to our clients, and the iNNOVATION Center represents Saguaro’s dedication to nurture our employees’ creative and intellectual power to further strengthen this core services business,” said Doina Mazilu, founder, president and chair of Saguaro Technology. “By harnessing the collective creativity of the Saguaro community through the iNNOVATION Center, we intend to leverage our current technical expertise; develop additional expertise in novel technologies; and become an even more valuable partner to our clients.”

iNNOVATION Center Provides Creative Space for Saguaro Employees
The iNNOVATION Center will offer Saguaro employees broad opportunities to enhance their leadership and technical skills while also exploring internal projects and their own ideas. Participation by employees will be on a voluntary basis, and Saguaro team leads will serve as project managers for employee-driven projects.

The company’s senior management, along with the strategy team, will assess proposed projects based on criteria including:

The technologies being used and the problem being addressed
Professional development opportunities for the participants
Potential to provide benefits to Saguaro’s clients
Market potential for the results

The iNNOVATION Center space was strategically designed to foster creativity. After studying nearly 30 companies considered particularly creative, Saguaro identified five key design concepts that were fairly consistent across these companies, which it incorporated into its design:

1. Use of micro-zones. The iNNOVATION Center has both ‘indoor’ micro-zones—including one that looks like a living room and several more traditional workstations—as well as some ‘outdoor’ micro-zones with artificial turf.

2. Inclusion of natural elements. Live plants will be grown, particularly in the ‘outdoor’ micro-zones.

3. Visibility to others. The Center is located on the second floor of Saguaro’s Siemens Street Campus—an area highly visible to others who work in offices nearby as well as to the nearby break room.

4. A variety of seating options. The Center includes couches, beanbag chairs, a picnic table and benches, and desk chairs and traditional workstations—with some areas for relaxing and discussion and other areas meant for concentrated ‘heads-down’ work.

5. A variety of writing media and communication tools to facilitate discussion and collaboration. These include colored pencils and paper, whiteboarding, post-it areas and a virtual whiteboard/unified communications system.

“We see a lot of untapped potential in our employees and want to give them the freedom and space to explore that potential,” said Mazilu. “Through the iNNOVATION Center, we hope Saguaro employees can enrich their professional experience with Saguaro; better support our clients and the services we provide; support and encourage creativity and ambition in the broader Romanian IT community; and continue to grow Saguaro and drive value for the business.”


About Saguaro Technology
Saguaro Technology is a high-value software engineering firm based in the United State with engineering offices in Romania. Saguaro offers fast-growing multinational enterprises the technology skills and geographic reach needed to bring strategic, complex products to market faster, with the highest quality and lower overall costs. Saguaro’s engineering services has two ISO-certified subsidiaries: Saguaro Print and SaguaroNet.

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