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Saguaro contributes to music high-school new concert stage

The “Ion Vidu” Arts Highschool in Timisoara has received a USD 24,000 contribution from Saguaro Technology Inc. for the rehabilitation of the school’s inner courtyard and the reconstruction of an out-door performance stage. The school is a modern architectural landmark designed in the late 1960s by the renowned Romanian architect Hans Fackelmann (1933-1979).
The #Scenuim project launched in 2018 by a consortium formed of teachers, the association of children’s parents and an architecture educational NGO “de-arhitectura” was completed this year in mid-November after the company secured the funds that allowed the performance stage to be layered with wood-plastic composite. This is a state-of-the-art weather resistant material with a durability of over 20 years. “A previous wooden panel decking of the stage structure was deteriorated after only 5 years, all that was left was the bare metal structure, a hazard for the children, which prompted the school governance to deny pupil’s access to the courtyard”, explains Alexandra Rigler, architect and member of “de-arhitectura”. “Now, this construction has become their favorite playground during brakes and we were delighted that many of the students also contributed by painting the scaffolding.”
The community involvement and its educational purpose were the key elements in Saguaro Technology’s decision to support the project.
“Saguaro has, for more than a decade, supported many education related projects from scholarships both at Dartmouth College, US and Romania, to providing a fully equipped lab for Politehnica University of Timisoara and training for students via Liga AC. While quite a bit of money is being spent these days in sponsoring activities related to the IT fields, the equally important field of ARTS needs to get the same amount of attention. Arts, in the form of music or ballet or painting, create well rounded individuals which are valuable to every field, including the IT field. We hope this small investment will help promote the arts in Timisoara and we look forward to the school maintaining its already well-established reputation and focus on providing excellent education to our community,” explains Doina Mazilu, founder and president of Saguaro Technology.
The concert stage was inaugurated with a series of performances by alumni of the music school, now well-established musicians of modern, jazz and classical music. Apart from the 850 students of the school who will benefit from it for both recreational and educational purposes on a daily basis, the stage will be open to all artistic initiatives of the local community.

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