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Intellectual Property Development Takes Center Stage at Saguaro

Intellectual Property Development Takes Center Stage at Saguaro

If you work at a technology company, you understand the importance of intellectual property (IP) such as patents. You need to be able to trust that everyone involved in your engineering efforts will scrupulously protect your IP.

Saguaro is fortunate not only to have a strong corporate culture and internal commitment to IP protection, but also to be located in Romania, which has robust laws for protecting IP. And because Romania is part of the European Union, working with Saguaro means you automatically get the full backing of the EU’s strict regulations for data privacy and IP protection. As evidence of Romania’s place of trust in the world, it is one of the few countries in the world allowed by the U.S. government to receive source code, modify it, and send it back without special permissions.

Our Romanian location is advantageous in other ways, too. The country’s superb universities provide a rich pool of engineering talent, and many of the top graduates now work at Saguaro. Thanks to our team’s engineering skills and expertise, we are able to collaborate with our clients on a peer-to-peer level. Many times, Saguaro engineers have performed work that has resulted in patents for our clients.

Over the years we have publicly recognized our employees for their superb efforts by presenting the Saguaro Intellectual Property Award. So far, 6 Saguaro engineers have been listed as inventors or co-inventors on our clients’ patents (8 patents). Another 21 patents are in the application phases, with 31 additional disclosures completed—many or all of which might result in issued patents.

Each award is recognized with a framed copy of the patent’s front page that is displayed in our Inventors’ Corner, providing constant acknowledgement of our employees’ commitment to excellence and creativity.

Creating IP for our clients also enables our engineers to gain proficiency in the process of identifying patentable ideas and filing inventions or patents. And while Saguaro’s clients own the patents, the fact that Saguaro employees are named as inventors or co-inventors attests to our team’s technical prowess and ingenuity.

In the end, Saguaro is proud of the fact that we not only protect our clients’ IP, we also can create it on their behalf. Few other software engineering firms can make similar claims.

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