Client Testimonials

“Saguaro’s ethics are above reproach. Let me say that again: above reproach.”

They truly live by the mantra that their success depends on our success.”
Saguaro is unique in its emphasis on meaningful relationship and its focus on quality. They have become indispensible parts of our organization, our corporate culture, and our team."
I never have to worry as we get deep into a project that they will balk or say it’s too hard. They always find a way to make things work, without compromising quality.”
Saguaro’s specific skills are commensurate with the skills and knowledge of my team in the U.S. I consider them as an extension of our development team.”
Their time zone is quite nice for cross-over with the U.S. When our team here goes home at the end of the day, Saguaro continues to work on the projects.”
Saguaro people want to understand about the product, and they want to know that our customers are satisfied. They are the only company that I have worked with that acts like that.”
Knowing that Saguaro operates in an EU country is a game changer. That backing gives us extra confidence and trust in the security of our IP and data."
We tried project-based approaches with development teams in inconvenient time zones, with disappointing results. Luckily, we now work with Saguaro.”
Their physical building, which they designed specifically for their business, has a ‘bank vault’ like feel that provides real confidence in their security.”
Their attitude is very refreshing. They roll up their shirtsleeves and get things done. They have superb responsiveness.”
When you can get the same talent at a very advantageous rate, and have them be a seamless part of the company, then why aren’t you doing that?”
Saguaro is not just a ‘document and give them work’ group. They handle large and complex pieces of work with skill and efficiency.”