Workflow management in Commercial Printing Facilities

Development of a user-centric workflow solution that enabled the use of continuous form printers

Client situation:

Our client needed Saguaro’s help in building an easy-to-install, use-to-use, vendor-neutral software that organizes incoming orders from multiple sources and produces them efficiently based on various job criteria.

What Saguaro did:

Saguaro helped our client develop a software product that created an efficient short-run digital workflow by grouping incoming jobs that ultimately enabled use of continuous form printers in medium/large commercial print shops. The solution provided instant views of jobs that met specific criteria and, by sorting based on these criteria, customers could make decisions on volume metrics and better informed scheduling. Our role included contributions to: architect design, UX/UI design, software development, QA, information & documentation development and post-launch support.

Client benefit:

Our client received a differentiated, user-friendly solution that ultimately benefits its customers and the performance of its printing products.  The solution provided an open platform enabling end-to-end management of a print shop business flow and enabled customers to create job workflows based on predefined content, while providing the customer with the flexibility needed to adjust for his shop rules and alter and influence the final job workflow.

Languages & technologies  used in this project: Java; JavaScript/HTML5; Web; Ajax; RESTful web services; SQL; H2Database; JMF/JDF; XML.

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