Semiconductor fabrication robot data analysis tool

Develop a process automation system that logs data and events, analyzes the data, and provides visualizations for increased productivity

Client situation:

To meet semiconductor industry standards, a tool’s (or robot’s) data needs to be collected and analyzed.  Prior to engaging Saguaro, our client accomplished this with a cumbersome and error-prone manual procedure to extract and analyze data.  Saguaro engineers were asked to help our client automate the data collection and analysis process as well as generate reliable insights to inform problem resolution for the robots.

What Saguaro did:

Saguaro developed a tool that read all the system logs and events and provide the user with valuable insights, warnings, and other statistics to inform issue resolution. As part of the specifications, the new system would have to read gigabytes of data logs in minutes and perform complex analysis like Command Timing analysis, Error Analysis, Conditional events extraction, value monitoring and others.

Some key technical attributes of Saguaro’s solution include:

Client benefit:

As a result of Saguaro’s help, our client was able to deliver a superior user experience by enabling the user to reliably identify issues and debug them quickly and efficiently.  Additionally, our client’s users are now able to reliably and automatically detect unusual behavior in their equipment and take preventive measures, saving them time and resources.

 Languages & technologies used in this project:  PyYaml, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, LXML, Openpyxl, Watchdog, Pip

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