IoT Environmental Monitoring System

Development of a cloud-supported IoT system for real-time integrated office environment monitoring

Client situation:

As their office and shipping / receiving environment grew more complex, our client noticed various inefficiencies across systems that could be addressed with data collection and analysis.  However, manual monitoring or even digitally, but independently, monitoring multiple complex systems was neither efficient nor cost effective.  Saguaro was engaged to design and develop a real-time, multi-system monitoring IoT solution.  Specifically, the solution we created provides a master real-time monitoring and warning system for lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

What Saguaro did:

Our engineers developed a complex monitoring system that collects and interprets environmental data using strategically placed sensors, warning the building administrators in the event of malfunctions.  Specifically, our solution:

Client benefit:

As a result of our solution, our client’s facilities’ safety and functionality improved, particularly damage to valuable equipment due to environmental stressors was prevented.  Moreover, the efficiency and productivity of the administrative and maintenance departments benefitted by enabling the staff to proactively act on warnings.

Languages used in this project: C#, .Net,  JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML, Microsoft SQL, Git , Jenkins  .NET, SMTP Service


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