Data-driven equipment performance monitoring

Creation of a predictive analytics tool that monitors and analyzes data to improve product reliability

Client situation:

With its current manual monitoring process, our client needed a more sophisticated data-driven tool to monitor performance and reliably demonstrate improvements to its customers.  Saguaro engineers were engaged to develop a tool to accompany our client’s robotic products that could provide and analyze data to develop continual product improvement and would monitor and maintain a customer’s system.

What Saguaro did:

Per our client’s specifications, we created a process that combined select manual steps and a software application that replaced and upgraded the existing performance monitoring process with a predictive analytics approach.  Specifically, the application we developed:

Client benefit:

By creating this tool, Saguaro enabled our client to improve its customer experience and offer a superior product.  Specifically, customers were able to gain a deeper understanding of system performance including objective measures of system usage and errors and were consequently able to focus preventive maintenance efforts and detect problems early.  Our client was able to offer the right tools and spare parts for servicing in preventive or emergency visits.

Ultimately, insights generated through this tool are used to guide the customers’ internal improvement programs which result in design changes that increase product reliability and performance.

Languages & tools used in this project:   Reactive-Extensions/Rx.NET, Json.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Toolkit, Microsoft Azure Document, DB Client Library, RestSharp, DotNetZip, Unity, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, CommonServiceLocator, .NET framework


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