Substrate Management System

Embedded systems and manufacturing automation for wafer handling with the semiconductor industry

Client situation:

Handling silicon wafers in the semiconductor manufacturing industry is a very precise and clean process. The smallest impurity may cause irreparable damage that may prove very expensive for business.

Our client needed a dedicated partner to maintain a complex application that controls wafer-sorting equipment, resulting in a controlled, clean environment for handling wafers.

What Saguaro did: 

Our engineers worked on a complex application that facilitates quick processing of wafers and remote control and monitoring by communication with a host controller.

Our solution had several layers:

Client benefit: 

As a result of our solution, the host can seamlessly request remote control of the equipment or statistic data from it through simple, industry-standard messages.  This means that delicate and expensive wafers can be verified remotely and transferred, in a clean environment, with a high level of safety and reliability.

Languages used in this project:  C, C++, C#, Basic, Delphi


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