3D Animation Tool

An application that allows users to create 3D educational animations for the life sciences industry

Client situation:

Our client approached Saguaro with an idea to develop a software application that would allow users to create their own educational animations targeted at the life sciences industry (e.g., molecular pathways, cell interactions, among others).  Saguaro was engaged to create an application that offered:  an attractive user interface, a library of reusable 3D models, a 3D editing tool, video recording capability, and exporting capability.

What Saguaro did:

Saguaro designed a desktop application that used a 3D modeling engine based on XNA. To enhance usability, the application also included an extensive library of more than 400 editable cellular and molecular models, scenes, and animations, providing easy startup for new users.

Saguaro engineers used a video/image processing engine to export static groups of models and dynamic applications. These videos and images could be imported into commonly used documents and presentations (e.g., such as those used in scientific conferences or classroom instruction).

Saguaro also supported this product after launch, by creating a website that would allow discussion forums, customer support, and online and offline marketplace for licensing and registration.  Software licenses could be validated online and offline using a cloud validation system.

Client benefit:

By engaging Saguaro, our client reduced the duration of their development cycle and accelerated the go-to-market timeline of their product. Their users were able to develop customized 3D content and animations and embed them into scientific presentations and lectures.

Languages & tools used in this project: C#; XNA; Install Shield; Blender; Web development technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery; Joomla CMS.



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