User-friendly Visitor Access

A tablet-based visitor registration process automation tool

Client situation:

In many offices, visitor registration is still largely based on human interaction, sometimes requiring handwritten paper logs.  Our client wanted to streamline this process and improve the technology used to register its visitors.  Specifically, our client wanted a solution that not only keeps track of visitors, which improves security and protects visitor data, but also a solution that makes data retrievable and measurable.

What Saguaro did:

Saguaro engineers developed a tablet-based software that allows visitors to register their personal information, who they are visiting, and take and print a photo for their visitor’s badge.  Our solution offered a fast, streamlined process and allowed easy retrieval of visitor data for further analysis.  All visitor information is encrypted and stored in a secure database.

Our solution had three major technical parts:

Client benefit:

Our client was able to improve and streamline their visitor registration system and improve their visitor experience upon entering the company premises.  Additionally, our client could easily retrieve secured visitor data, which could be important for security purposes.

Languages & technologies used in this project:  C#/.Net 4.5; Entity Framework; MySQL; Java (for Android application on the tablet); Git (code versioning system)


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