Car License Plate Recognition System

Development of a process automation tool by enabling automated vehicle access gate management & control

Client situation:

As our client grew its workforce, they noticed that employee access to its card-activated gated parking lot had become a serious bottleneck each morning, with queues stretching into nearby streets during rush-hour and lasting for several minutes.  Saguaro was enlisted to help by creating a more efficient, smarter and automated solution for gate access.

 What Saguaro did:

Our engineers developed a smart solution based on a digital “read” of the car’s license plate, automatically granting access to approved cars.  The system also included an ergonomic and user friendly interface and an alert system for the front desk in cases where the license plate is not in the database.

Some technical highlights of the solution include:


Client benefit:

The solution Saguaro created proved to be a cost effective and secure tool for vehicle access control.  No more fumbling for parking lot access cards and long queues in morning and afternoon rush hour!  The gate access process was reduced to 10 seconds, and created, with queues and frustration reduced, an improved employee experience.

Languages & technologies used in this project:  OpenALPR library for text recognition; state-of-the-art JavaScript frameworks for the user interface; backend based on Windows Server using C#



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