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Every day contributes to your roadmap of enduring success, by getting you in touch with the latest technological challenges, by sharing experiences with top notch professionals from Timisoara and exciting clients ranging from top global companies to start-ups. At Saguaro, you’re not on the sidelines of the project, but rather are fully integrated into our clients’ teams where you can get a head start towards engineering excellence.

Being part of an organization of ~340 professionals will give you plenty of opportunities to advance and take on leadership roles.  Yet our size also allows us to be flexible and considerate toward your work-life balance, personal interests, and family life. This is why many of our colleagues have thrived in our community for 10+ years and regard their time with us as being the brightest of their lives.

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Our generous and very competitive benefits packages add value to your work-life balance and provide for both efficiency and enjoyment.


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Community Values

We have built Saguaro to be a company dedicated not just to the success of our clients but also to the professional development and well-being of our fellow Saguarians and our broader community.  To that end, we have anchored ourselves around 5 Community Values, which are the qualities that we value in ourselves and our colleagues.

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We put in the effort and the good will in our daily work, as if this project or business were our own. This applies to not just our clients but also to Saguaro.  We are responsible in our work, inquisitive and careful. We are earnest and fair with company’s resources.  Embracing an ownership culture includes exercising good judgment – one that reflects well for the company and for ourselves.  Ownership gives us all the joy of accomplishing great things and the satisfaction of personal and professional progress.

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Exceeding Expectations

We are dedicated to exceeding clients’ expectations.  We are equally dedicated to exceeding our own expectations of ourselves.  We strive to think outside the box, being ambitious with our intellect and creativity, and to do things that we didn’t think were otherwise possible.  The impact we make and the success of our company is based on everyday commitment to performance, focus on strong results and optimal solutions.

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Personal growth

Watch as we grow together!  We strive to be a company that offers you all the benefits of a stable and ascending career with opportunities to expand your role and responsibilities, as you develop your knowledge and skills.  We want you to think of Saguaro as a place where you can build and grow your career.

Curiosity image


This is the motor that spurs creativity and drives technical innovation.  As part of our partnerships, we are valued by our clients for the added value and intellectual property we produce in our work.  We are able to offer this to our clients by encouraging each other to recognize opportunity, analyse, test, learn, improve.  We strive to be alert and agile as we embrace new challenges.

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We are truthful to ourselves and each other. We speak freely but respectfully and pass on information and knowledge that help colleagues or processes.  We acknowledge and commit to value. Our actions and motives are transparent. We share credit and shoulder responsibility in a self-critical and aware manner.



“I consider Saguaro to be a nice place to work, where I come each day with joy. The company facilities allow for a very good work environment and for a very generous personal space where you can find your peace in order to provide the best productivity. All my colleagues are very nice persons and I can say that in our office we developed a very nice and friendly relationship. “

Lucian - Software Developer


“I am glad to be part of the Saguaro family. From the beginning, my colleagues were very friendly, helped me become part of the team and eventually became my closest friends. Saguaro represents for me the place where I improved my technical skills and where I collaborated with many passionate people with a lot of experience and knowledge, from which I learned a lot.”

Andreia - Test Project Manager


"One truly fantastic things about Saguaro is that it always feels like being part of a large family that nurtured my intellect and provided countless moments of joy.”

Adela - QA Engineer

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