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It simply starts with an online submission, if you feel you can outperform yourself in one of our openings listed below. You’ll get the chance to speak to a friendly member of our HR team and potentially have a glimpse of where we are and what it looks like inside our campuses. Feel free to talk about your aspirations and expectations, best and worst times, do’s and don’ts, career and personal plans over the short and mid-term period.

The first technical discussion is meant to verity your technical skills. That’s how we make sure that we speak the same languages (pun intended!), in other words, that your technical understanding and skills are a good fit for the challenges you will face. This way, we both start growing confidence and ensure we’ll also be efficient and happy together.

By this time, your potential future technical manager will be very interested to meet you and get to know you better. We often focus this stage on discussing the way you’ve tackled challenges and your lessons learned – both good and bad, from the past. You will also get a better sense of your specific role and assigned projects. The discussion gives both of us an opportunity to know your preferences and working style to make sure we think you are a good fit for your team at Saguaro, and equally, that you think Saguaro is a good fit for you.

Congratulations on your perseverance and hard work up to this point, it sincerely means a lot to us. Someone in top management will want to get to know you a little bit better and see if we can share the same dream together. This is the least technical stage of the interview process; however you should expect both concept and attitude scenarios to be discussed. Announcements usually follow shortly and always give you the right amount of time to prepare for the change.

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  • C++ Software Developer (ROB211008AR)
  • Full Stack Web Developer – JVM (EOP210725DA)
  • Test Automation Engineer with JavaScript or Python (SQA110111CC)
  • Software Test Automation Engineer (EOP210515DA)
  • SW Development Engineer with Ruby for Cloud Web App (AZNT220208DA)
  • Android Developer for Mobile and Embedded (EOP220310DA)
  • Java Software Developer (SW2220330IN)
  • C# .NET Software Developer (ROB211008AR)
  • C# .NET Software Developer (FAB211119AR)

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