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When you need to develop business-critical software solutions, where do you turn? For a true software engineering partner, contact Saguaro. We work hand in hand with you throughout the software development lifecycle, so you achieve higher quality, smoother collaboration, and greater affordability than you thought possible.

A Smart Way to Extend Your Engineering Team

There are plenty of options out there for doing software development. So the first question is, why choose Saguaro?

We believe our special approach to engineering services is ideally suited to propelling your high-value software development efforts. Here are a few points for you to consider:

  • We supply the impeccable technology skills you need to bring strategic, complex products to market fast.
  • Our expertise spans all the major software development models: agile, waterfall, and iterative.
  • We protect your data and IP as if it were our own—while always remembering that you, in fact, retain full ownership of all your products and IP, completely. We’ll even create new IP on your behalf.
  • We aren’t just order takers. We will work with you on a true peer-to-peer basis, no matter how large or complex the task at hand.
  • We are able to participate fully in the entire product lifecycle, from product definition and development through quality assurance, documentation, on-site system integration, and direct 24/7 customer support.
  • Saguaro will never accept a project that competes with a current client. Never.
  • The location of our engineering offices in Timișoara, Romania, offers numerous benefits, starting with a highly educated talent pool and a favorable cost structure. Beyond that, we provide a huge location advantage—and Romania is a member of the European Union.

Choosing Your Software Development Partner

Selecting the right partner starts with asking the right questions, such as:

  • Will your key contact be located in the United States?
  • What is the time zone difference between your U.S. team and your software engineering partner?
  • Will communications between the teams be convenient, timely, and in English?
  • Can you trust that your IP will be fully protected?
  • Is your partner located in a country that will back up any promises made about IP protection?
  • How skilled are the development team’s members?
  • Can the team members participate fully as equal technical partners with your own technical teams—able to contribute useful new ideas, solve tricky problems, and even create IP for you?
  • Will you be engaging with smart, enthusiastic, and dedicated professionals committed to doing more than simply following instructions?


Why Saguaro?

Unique ‘Ownership’ Model

Seamless and deep integration with clients’ technical teams, to the point of even having client email addresses

Commitment to quality and schedule goals that equals that of clients’ internal employees

Matching of our processes and objectives with those of our clients

Ability to provide direct end-customer support on behalf of, or in conjunction with, our clients

All communication with clients in English

Taking full responsibility for all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from initial product definition through development, QA, documentation, system integration, and 24/7 customer support

Promise to never work with two clients in a competitive market space at  the same time

Long-term engagements with clients, typically measured in multiple years

Technical capabilities

Adept in all the major software development models: agile,  waterfall, iterative

Extensive experience in multiple application areas, including real-time embedded systems, microcontrollers, networking, imaging, and printing

Proficiency in all the major programming languages, operating systems, web technologies, and databases

Design of structure and quality into software code to facilitate maintenance, problem resolution, and test automation

Location Advantages

For North American companies, like  having an extra shift in every day’s development cycle

On-the-spot expertise and support throughout Europe

Access to a highly educated and skilled talent pool

Membership in the European Union  and adherence to the EU’s intellectual property (IP) protection and other  business ethics rules

Proximity to Western Europe and Asia

Direct access to the EU highway network for quick logistics for  shipping equipment

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