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When you need to develop business-critical software solutions, where do you turn? For a true software engineering partner, contact Saguaro. We work hand in hand with you throughout the software development lifecycle, so you achieve higher quality, smoother collaboration, and greater affordability than you thought possible.

The Saguaro Business Model

How It All Began

In 1999, we set out to create a new way to offer software development services.

We began by imagining how we would want you, as our client, to think about us. We didn’t want you to see us as a group of anonymous, faraway coders, or as low-level cogs in the development wheel. We didn’t want you concerned about inconvenient time differences, or about the security of your intellectual property (IP).

Instead, we hoped our clients would say:

“Saguaro knows what needs to be done, and they do it.”

“Saguaro can take responsibility for the entire product development lifecycle, from initial design through system integration.”

“Saguaro works with us, not just for us, and they extend our team in multiple ways.”

“Saguaro not only protects our IP, they can create it for us, too.”

The Saguaro Business Model

Using these aspirations as inspiration, we created Saguaro. We are a high-value software engineering firm, based in the U.S. with engineering offices in Romania. And we’re built around a unique approach we call the Ownership Model.

Our clients talk about ‘the Saguaro difference’. But what is the Saguaro difference? And what is our Ownership Model?

  • It’s committing 100% to your success.
  • It’s integrating our teams seamlessly with your technical teams.
  • It’s treating quality and schedule goals with the same dedication as your internal employees do.
  • It’s matching our processes, attitudes, philosophies, and objectives with yours.
  • It’s taking full responsibility for all aspects of product development.
  • It’s conducting ourselves with impeccable professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • It’s remembering that in the end, we are all people working with other people, and that camaraderie and a positive, can-do outlook is often as important to a project’s success as technical skills and intelligence.

Our Team is Your Team

A core aspect of our Ownership Model is that Saguaro teams are assembled by and for each specific client. We are fully integrated with your internal technical groups. Our clients even assign us their email addresses.

Saguaro team members are all carefully chosen. We are known for having skills on a par with those of our clients’ teams. As a result, we collaborate as true peers.

On top of all this, we offer an extremely attractive cost structure; a technically skilled and highly educated workforce; the legal and practical backing of European Union membership; and the geographic and time-zone convenience of our location in Romania.

Does your enterprise desire to engage with an engineering firm whose commitment matches your own? Are you intrigued by our Ownership Model? If so, explore  Why Saguaro might be the right partner for you.

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