Our people

Our wish becomes reality!

We approach both work and play with determination and excitement.

We share the load during crunch time in the office with the same enthusiasm that we have when we dance on our nights out together. We think of ourselves as being relaxed but dedicated, curious and ready to embark in new technological quests. And above all, we carry ourselves with integrity both in and out of the office.

The quality of our software professionals translates directly into the quality of the software solutions and services Saguaro provides to its clients.

Saguaro aims to give all its employees the benefits of a stable and ascending career with opportunities to take on one higher role after the other within the company, driven by developing knowledge and skills.

Come and watch as we grow together!

Cristian Marian (Manu) Bursasiu member image

Cristian Marian (Manu) Bursasiu

Liviu Brutaru member image

Liviu Brutaru

Alin Stanila member image

Alin Stanila

Valentin Gomoi member image

Valentin Gomoi

Daniel Ardelian member image

Daniel Ardelian

Felix Lönhardt member image

Felix Lönhardt

Patricia Iulia Radosav member image

Patricia Iulia Radosav

Lucian Seres member image

Lucian Seres

Andreea Ana Briscan member image

Andreea Ana Briscan

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